Losing The Battle

There used to be a time when the church influenced culture.  Today, however, culture is influencing the church.  The church changes with the wind of popular opinion.  We no longer are even considered in the mix of contemporary thought.  Our views on the world stage are considered archaic and irrelevant.

Even in our local congregations, our congregants are seldom affected, let alone changed, by the weekly sermon.  If the weekly sermons are positive and not too intrusive into our lives, we continue attend.  If not, we leave and go somewhere else.

As a result, ministers preach sermons on prosperity, having a closer relationship with God, being a better citizen, and such.  We are told that God wants us all to be wealthy.  We are told that God wants us to be a better Christian (more love, less road rage).  We are encouraged to live a life that exemplifies the behavior that is expected of a Christian.

I am not finding fault with any of these messages.  I believe they are essential.  However, the church has serious issues that are not being addressed.  Meanwhile, the world is shaping the ideas and philosophy of our own congregations.  We are losing the battle for the minds of the world around us as well as our own church family.

We have over a 50% divorce rate.  Over 80 percent of men and over 40 percent of women either are now committing, or have in the past committed, adultery.  Many of the couples sitting in the pews every Sunday are in a fornication relationship.  Our children have bought into the philosophy that living together before marriage is essential in order to make sure you are compatible.  It is only a small step further to believe that an extramarital relationship is valid as well.  All we need is the world’s view to change us.  We are losing our moral compass.

We must begin to preach messages and offer teachings that strengthen the home.  If we are to influence the nation it must begin by influencing the home.  We need teaching on the consequences of a life lived by the world’s philosophy juxtaposed against a life lived by the teachings of the Word of God.

When someone comes to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, what is wrong with asking them about their lifestyle?  If they continue living in adultery or fornication, will they not miss Heaven?  Eternity is a long, long time.  I, personally, would not want anything to prevent me from going to Heaven.  That includes anyone that I love here on this earth.

It was Jesus who said to the multitude that they would have to hate mother and father, etc., in order to be His disciple.  Jesus asks us to want Him and Heaven so much that there is nothing that we have that we are not willing to lose in order to have Him.  We cannot continue to allow people to believe that they can continue in disobedience to God’s Word and still go to Heaven.  The solution to fornication is marriage.  It doesn’t take that long to accomplish.  The couple can find separate living conditions until marriage.  It is not that hard.

If someone came to Christ and then continued in adultery, and we knew it, would we not confront them?  Why is fornication any different?  I have heard all the excuses before.  Not one is valid when seen with eternity in view.  Is it in fact that we, the church, have bought into the world’s philosophy to some degree?  Do we overlook some sins while condemning others?

Recently the Supreme Court made marriage legal for homosexuals and lesbians.  The outcry from many so-called Christians was deafening!  All the while tolerating fornication that continues unaddressed from the leaders of our churches.  The Church is not consistent.

But it is deeper than that!  We are losing the battle for the morality of our nation.  We have no moral voice in America.  We have no national evangelist who prays with our leaders.  We do not have a Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Kathryn Kuhlman, George Whitefield, or even a Martin Luther who will nail a list on a door and be strong enough to see the revival through.  We need an awakening!  We need a voice in this world!  Blow the shofar in Zion, sound an alarm on my holy mountain!  Lift up your voice like a shofar and show the people their sins!

It is time for holiness!  It is time for a clear message of God’s design for mankind.  Rise up, oh men of God, have done with lesser things.  Give heart and mind and soul and strength to serve the King of Kings!  Let’s stop losing the battle!


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