He’s stretching me!

This is a wonderful and insightful blog. It is amazing how God speaks to us in unexpected ways. Our everyday life becomes a way for Abba to speak to us, if we are always aware of His voice.
Indeed He does want us to stretch outside our comfort zone. Pain and discomfort is a sign of life. If you are not stretching, you might want to check yourself. You might be dead!

Kim Wahl

I don’t like to be uncomfortable in any area of my life. I like things to be simple, smooth and easy. Uncomplicated. Painless. I like to be comfortable.

So you can imagine my unhappiness when I recently experienced some muscle issues that caused me to be uncomfortable. I felt very tight and sore – for no apparent reason. Not only was I uncomfortable, but my movement was limited in various ways.

So my friend Ali has been helping me work all this out. One of the things she instructed me to do was to stretch. I reported that I already stretch regularly and showed her what I was doing. I have to admit, I do those stretches quite well. I’ve been doing them a long time and am very good at them. She kindly pointed out that those stretches are not benefiting me – they were not stretching the muscles…

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