Where is the God of Elijah?

I will admit it.  Our nation needs a miracle!  Once a great nation, leading the world in almost every area of endeavor, has now become a nation in serious decline.  I know, those reading this will probably blame the leadership of this country.  But I fear that the problem (and therefore, the solution) is much deeper.

The recent exposure of Planned Parenthood, made me sick to my stomach.  Then our media and social networks were more interested in a dead lion than a dismembered baby.  It seems incomprehensible to me how we, as a people, can be so upside-down in our sensitivities.  It also seems reprehensible to me that it took something this egregious to get our attention.

Why is our nation (and our world, for that matter) sinking so far into the abyss of moral decay?  I will tell you the answer.  You will probably not like what I have to say.  But that is okay.  Years ago a Peanuts’ cartoon made an astounding statement, “We have found the enemy and the enemy are us.”  That is still true for today.

We have no Elijah.  No one to stand on the mountain and face the prevailing winds of spiritual decline and demand a national decision.  We have no John the Baptist who will be filled with the Spirit of the Living God and attract the people to come and hear about “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”.  As you may know, John the Baptist came in the spirit and power of Elijah (Luke 1:17).  Where is the man who will come in the spirit of Elijah today?

II Kings 2:14 speaks to us today.  (Stay with me with the two similar names Elisha and Elijah).  There stood Elisha.  The prophet Elijah had just went into heaven.  Elisha had just received the mantle (a garment similar to the prayer shawl worn by Jews today) that fell from Elijah.  There he stood at the banks of the Jordan and said “Where is the God of Elijah”  He smote the water and it parted.  The other prophets (pastors and church leaders) rallied around him.  Now they had a leader!  The first miracle soon happened.  In verses 19-22, we have waters healed and barren land restored.  Water, in many places, represent a nation or nations.  Salt was put into the water and the water was purified.  Jesus said that we are “the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13).  Here, then, is the message to us today.

We need an Elisha.  One who will take the mantle of Holy Ghost power that fell when our Elijah, Jesus (Yeshua), went into heaven. One who will declare “Where is the God of Elijah?”  or better put in our times as “Where is the God of Jesus (Yeshua)?”  When that man emerges, the pastors and church leaders will rally around him.  We then will have a movement that will bring revival to this land and restore this nation to being the light on the hill that it once was.

If you think your church building is large enough, think again.  As church leaders we need to begin to think outside the box.  You will not have time to build bigger sanctuaries.  You will need to look at converting empty factories and warehouses into houses of worship and prayer.

You may say to me, David, you are dreaming!  Yes, I am!  Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17 says that “in the last days…old men will dream dreams…”  I am 63 years old.  Some people call me an old man (I don’t feel like one though).  I am dreaming a dream.  I dream of the day when revival sweeps our nation and then the world.  I dream of Jews and Gentiles worshiping the God of our Fathers together.  I dream of a time when babies are no longer ripped from their mother’s womb for the sake of convenience.  I dream of a day when terrorists respect our military might so much that they are afraid to attack us.  I dream of a day when the church will influence culture instead of the present situation of the culture influencing the church.  I dream of a day when we have a national voice proclaiming “liberty throughout the land”.  I dream of a day when truth is no longer fallen in the streets (Isaiah 59:14). I dream of a day when we have a spiritual leader who prays with our Presidents in the Oval Office.  I dream of a day when the earth will be filled with the “knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14).

Where are the young men who see visions?  Where are the Elishas?  Who will take up the mantle of Jesus (Yeshua) and strike the water (our nation) and demand “Where is the God of Elijah?”  Who will lead this nation in spiritual renewal?  Where is the young man who will answer the call?  Is it you?  Is it me?  I hear the Lord calling “Whom will I send and who will go for us?” (Isaiah 6:8)  Who will have his lips purged with the live coal from off the altar?  Who will cry out “here am I, send me.”

This is the solution, this is the answer.  No other remedy will do.  If we continue to look to our government to change with every election cycle, we will continue to be disappointed and disillusioned.  Our government will not change until the church changes.  The church will not change until there is a man who will rise above the politics of religion and be separated unto God and God alone.  Are you the one?

When God brings change He does not do it with an organization.  He does it with a single man.  He called Abraham.  He called Jeremiah.  He called Elijah.  He called Jonathan Edwards.  He called William Seymour.  He called Billy Graham.  Is He calling you?  He is looking for a man (Ezekiel 22:30).

May I give you these words from an old hymn “Rise up oh man of God.  Have done with lesser things.  Give heart and mind and soul and strength, to serve the King of Kings”.  When that happens, we will have revival.  We will have what we need to change our nation.  We will have the God of Elijah!


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