Giving Something Tangible

This is not about giving or tipping (although I will use an analogy from my experience with tipping).  I am not even going to mention talents, time, or treasure.  No, I am going to look at something entirely different.

I am a waiter.  That means that primarily, I work for tips.  Let me tell you, one of the things a waiter dreads is the “verbal tip”.  This occurs when someone decides to tell you how good of a server you are and then subsequently leaves a paltry amount of cash.  As a waiter, I am not interested in your compliments, I want something tangible that I can take to the bank!

This got me to thinking.  What about God?  He has made it possible for His very words to be written in a book so that I might read and benefit from it.  But what should be my response?

So many times, I have read the words and thought “My that was wonderful!”  “That really was powerful!”  “I love that verse!”  “isn’t that amazing?” or something very close to those statements.  In other words, I gave God a “verbal tip”.

I wonder if God is as fed up with those “verbal tips” as I am when I get them.  I mean, doesn’t He deserve something “tangible” from me for what He has given me through His Word?  Doesn’t He deserve to see real change in my life?  Doesn’t He deserve to see me eating His Word and assimilating those words into my everyday life?  If every day I am not changing, then why do I even read the Bible?

I know that many people will make a New Year’s resolution to read the Bible through in a year.  But what good is that if nothing changes in you? Getting the Word in you is more important than getting into the Word.  Not as mere knowledge, but in a noticeable change.

From now on I resolve to do more than read, study, memorize, comment on, or applaud the Word.  I will endeavor with all that is in me to put myself into the message of the Word and allow Abba to change me according to the Word that I read.  I am sure that He will be pleased.


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