Us Versus Them?

We say we “hate the sin, but love the sinner”. But do we? Do we really love the sinner? Does it break your heart to see those who are sinning against themselves because you know what consequences are coming for them? Let me paint for you a picture of love.

There hanging on the cross, beaten beyond recognition, his beard plucked out by handfuls, a crown of thorns jammed into the already bruised and beaten head, His clothes ripped from him and gambled for right in front of His eyes, was our Savior. There on that cross, squinting through swollen eyelids with blood clouding His vision, He said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” That, my friend, is love. … More Us Versus Them?


He’s stretching me!

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I don’t like to be uncomfortable in any area of my life. I like things to be simple, smooth and easy. Uncomplicated. Painless. I like to be comfortable. So you can imagine my unhappiness when I recently experienced some muscle issues that caused me to be uncomfortable. I felt very…

How to have a successful marriage

A successful marriage is not a matter of chance. Jesus, in a conversation with the Pharisees in Matthew 19, stated that the form of marriage that had become accepted in Israel under Judaism was below the level of God’s standard. Under Judaism, the marriage relationship was viewed as being merely horizontal – between the man and the woman. However, the marriage relationship established in the beginning had two dimensions – the horizontal and the vertical. Horizontally it related Adam and Eve to each other, and vertically it related the two of them together to God. … More How to have a successful marriage

Losing The Battle

There used to be a time when the church influenced culture.  Today, however, culture is influencing the church.  The church changes with the wind of popular opinion.  We no longer are even considered in the mix of contemporary thought.  Our views on the world stage are considered archaic and irrelevant. Even in our local congregations, … More Losing The Battle

"Ask about the Prince of Peace and His teaching of peace."

“Ask about the Prince of Peace and His teaching of peace.” In Psalms 122:6 we read “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Let’s break this sentence down… • Pray in Hebrew means “to ask” as in a question. • The word peace in Hebrew is shalom. Jesus is sar shalom (prince of peace), therefore, shalom … More "Ask about the Prince of Peace and His teaching of peace."

The Letter Aleph

The First Letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet Hebrew is the oldest language that is still in use today.  Without the benefit of at least a cursory understanding of the Hebrew language, a person will not have a complete picture of the Scriptures.  In fact, you may even reach a wrong idea concerning any particular … More The Letter Aleph